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Instant Pot 101 – The Basics

The thing I’ve noticed is that while there are lots of folks gushing about their Instant Pot there is very little instruction when it comes to actually using it. The box includes very little help. Especially if you’ve never used a pressure cooker before or are a new cook. I’ve seen several comments from people who bought one but who are afraid to try it.

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How to Start Composting

Composting is the natural process of turning organic material into a rich loamy soil known as compost. Home composting is an acceleration of the same process nature uses. By composting your organic waste you are returning nutrients back into the soil in order for the cycle of life to continue.

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12 Party Punch Recipes to Make for Your Next Party

Spring and Summer are a great time to try out a new party punch recipe. Whether it’s a graduation party, bridal or baby shower, wedding reception or a simple back yard cook-out you’ll definitely want to check out some of these recipes. And if you are up to it there are enough party punch recipes here to try a new one every weekend during summer break! Your liver will hate you but your taste buds will thank you.

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How to Grow a Balcony Garden

Let’s face it, not everyone can afford, or wants to live on a few acres out in the country. But we do all want good, healthy food and many of us find great pleasure in growing something we can eat. But what if you don’t have much space – how can you grow food then? A balcony garden may be the answer.

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DIY Bridal Shower Decor

Hosting a bridal shower for a friend or family member can be expensive. Food, gifts, games and decor can all be a bit pricey. UNLESS you want to roll up your sleeves and DIY some or most of it.

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