Author: Stephenie Hamen

Getting Started with Hand Lettering Classes

If you are like me, seeing all of the gorgeous hand lettering out there makes me yearn to be able to do it myself.  I look at all of the beautiful posts on Instagram so jealous that my handwriting doesn’t look that pretty.  I was so excited about it that I did a little research to see what I could find for classes, even reaching out to some friends that are fantastic hand letterers in their own right, to get some recommendations.  Once I did all of that background work, I found 5 sites that were great places to...

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5 Top Tools for the Beginning Paper Crafter’s Tool Kit

When you are starting in a new craft, it can be scary heading to the craft store, looking for supplies.  Paper crafting can be one of the worst with so many different products out there. Knowing where to start and what to buy first can go a long way in having fun. And isn’t that what crafting is all about anyway? These tools are my top 5 paper crafting tools for beginners.  They make creating easier and are tools you will use over and over and over again. Whether you are making cards or scrapbooking, these are tools that...

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Love It: 100s of Free Adult Coloring Pages

Coloring has come a long way since I was a kid.  I used to take my 24 pack of Crayolas (not the 64 pack with the built-in sharpener, but 24 was better than 8!) and a coloring book of Strawberry Shortcake and sit for long stretches of time on our screened in porch when I was a kid.  Or I would crawl into my sheet fort and color there.  As a child, there was nothing better than a new page in the coloring book and the smell of crayons to start the day. Now, as a grown-up, coloring has...

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12 Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers

Gift giving can be fun and rewarding, especially when you know exactly what someone likes – like wine! Of course, the easiest thing to get a wine lover is a bottle of wine, but if you want to change it up a bit, this is the list for you. As a fellow wine lover, finding the latest and greatest wine-related gifts is not a difficult task at all – I had to stop shopping for myself! So I have to admit that I love everything on this list of creative and fun gifts for wine lovers.  I especially enjoy finding...

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