Author: Marti Wills

Sew Easy Utility Apron

Hi everyone! I recently started a new job where I needed an apron with lots of pockets to stash things in.  They had one there I could use but it didn’t have enough pockets AND it certainly wasn’t very exciting.  So I decided to make my own. I based my pattern loosely off of the one they had – I find this a good method for a lot of things I want to make.  Now I am passing this pocket apron tutorial on to all of you! You will need a sewing machine and basic sewing skills to complete...

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Grandma’s Classic Corned Beef Recipe

St. Patrick’s Day is coming and we Americans do love to celebrate it!  It’s an Irish holiday but non-Irish folk love jumping in on the fun.  We wear green (so we don’t get pinched – never did understand THAT connection as a kid), we drink green beer (uh…ewww?) and let’s not forget the green shakes at McDonald’s.  But do we even know what the heck we are celebrating?  Probably not but who doesn’t love an excuse to do something fun, right? So to give you a little context, let’s go into some history. St. Patrick’s Day originated in Ireland...

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